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Mascot is one of the suburbs that is outstandingly close to the central business district of Sydney, only 7 kilometres south of the said region. The suburb’s development and urban renewal during the past years have transformed it from an industrial area into a residential one dominated by modern residential apartments with commercial and retail establishments, including shops, restaurants, and cafes. Mascot also offers employment opportunities through aviation-related industries, logistics, and hospitality due to its proximity to the Sydney Airport. The transformation doesn’t seem to be stopping soon as ongoing projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, amenities, and residential options are still planned and held out. Suppose Mascot’s urban convenience and versatility are what you’re looking for as an investor. Take a shot at Mascot’s market with the help of a Henderson buyers advocate.

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How does a buyer’s agent in Mascot work?

Trust a Henderson buyer’s agent in Mascot to guide you through your property search with ease and informed suggestions. As your market representatives, our mission will always be to secure an investment opportunity while prioritising your preferences. With our proven track record, we can assure you that finding your ideal property doesn’t have to be daunting. Our connections and wealth of experience sets us apart and allows us to

How does a buyer’s agent in Mascot choose the right property?

Planning which property to buy is easy enough to determine, but finding the right property is far from easy, especially if you’re new in the realm of real estate. At Henderson Advocacy, we prioritise understanding our client’s needs and financial parameters through thorough consultations. This process is essential as it allows our advocates to filter through the many options in Mascot. As your advisor, we go above and beyond to supply informed suggestions to make informed decisions. With Henderson buyer’s agents by your side in Mascot, you can take the first step in uncovering the perfect property in Mascot.

Mascot Profile

There’s a place for you in the inner-south suburb of Mascot where you can benefit from the urban convenience and proximity to employment opportunities. As of April 2024, the median price of houses in Mascot reaches $1,886,500, thanks to the 7.2% increase during the past year. This housing option reflects a 2.8% rental yield. Apartments in Mascot maintain their median prices at $860,000 while exhibiting a 5.7% rental yield. For renting options, houses have a median rental price of $900 per week, and a slightly more expensive option is an apartment that goes around $950 per week. 

Mascot has undergone a shift from its industrial roots to become a residential hub, showcasing contemporary apartments and a variety of commercial offerings. The ongoing development projects suggest a continuous evolution, rendering Mascot an appealing prospect for investment. Teaming up with a Henderson buyer’s agent can help you dive into its potential.

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