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Found in the inner-city area of Sydney, Eveleigh is approximately 3 kilometres south of the central business district. The suburb is known for its industrial past and heritage, and the significant urban renewal and transformation has borne fruit in residential properties, apartments, and townhouses. The former Eveleigh Railway Workshop is now the Australian Technology Park, a hub for technology, innovation, and creative industries. The suburb offers easy access to public transportation, making it a desirable place to live for professionals who work in the central business district. While Eveleigh retains aspects of its past, it has transformed into a diverse suburb of modernity. If you’re interested in the elements that make Eveleigh a great suburb to live in, contact one of our Henderson buyer’s agents to discover a property you might like.

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How does a buyer’s agent in Eveleigh work?

Eveleigh buyer’s agents delve deep into the corners of the Eveleigh real estate market to ensure your investment in a Henderson advocate is not wasted. We understand that your investment isn’t just about today, it’s about building a foundation for tomorrow. With our guidance, your journey towards homeownership or investment is smooth and stress-free. Having dedicated professionals by your side turns your vision of an ideal home into a concrete reality. Contact Henderson buyer’s agents today, and let’s begin with a free discovery call. 

How does a buyer’s agent in Eveleigh choose the right property?

As you set your sights on investing in the transformed suburb of Eveleigh, our Henderson advocates stand ready to aid you through every step of your property-hunting journey. Start your market exploration with a discovery call where our Sydney buyer’s agents will determine your personal preferences and budget. With this information, we can tailor a search that filters every existing property into a list that contains on and off-market options. As your trusted companions, securing your ideal property unfolds seamlessly, promising swift and satisfying results.

Eveleigh Profile

A property in Eveleigh holds great value in the properties nestled within the suburb. Although Eveleigh’s real estate market is still young, properties in the suburbs have already reached a peak of $3.8M during the last year. Today, the median price of a property in Eveleigh is $3,010,000. As opposed to the drop in median prices for properties, the popularity of renting in Eveleigh is not new, reflecting a growth in its median rental prices during the past three years. Today, a property in the suburb can be rented for its median rental price of $795, with a 2.11% rental yield for houses and a 3.71% rental yield for units.

Today, Eveleigh boasts a diverse real estate landscape featuring a mix of residential properties, apartments, and townhouses. While retaining traces of its industrial past, Eveleigh has embraced modernity, emerging as a vibrant and sought-after suburb. If you’re intrigued by its unique blend of history and contemporary living, our Henderson buyer’s agents can assist you in finding the perfect property to call home.

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