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Kogarah Profile

Kogarah is a suburb situated in Southern Sydney, in the local government areas of Bayside Council and Georges River Council. The suburb offers convenient access to retail malls, restaurants, and job opportunities due to its mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. In addition, the suburb has several parks and activity areas, such as Scarborough Park and Kogarah Park, which provide residents with lots of green space to enjoy. With a rail station and bus services connecting the neighbourhood to the Sydney CBD and nearby areas, the suburb has excellent public transport access. 

Kogarah provides a wide variety of housing options to suit different tastes and lifestyles. The suburb offers alternatives for individuals, couples, families, and retirees with a variety of apartment complexes, townhouses, and standalone houses. Because of Kogarah’s excellent location, amenities, and lifestyle options, the suburb has a competitive housing market where homes frequently sell rapidly. The median prices in the suburb are $1.6 million and $730k for houses and units respectively. The suburb also possesses an annual rental yield of 2.7% for houses and 4.8% for units. With an annual compound growth of 11.5%, the units in Kogarah are something that you can’t miss out on investing today. 

How does a buyer’s agent in Kogarah work?

Kogarah is a great choice if you’ve always wanted to live close to the beach, and Henderson can assist you in finding the perfect home in the area. As buyer’s agents, our main goal is to find houses that fit your needs and preferences while offering guidance in making the most favourable and promising decision. Our agents in Henderson are skilled at negotiating with dealers to get our clients the lowest prices possible. You can rely on Henderson to assist you in discovering the perfect real estate in Kogarah because of our commitment to our line of work.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and with Henderson, let us find your perfect home in Kogarah.

How does a buyer’s agent in Kogarah choose the right property?

Here at Henderson, Numerous aspects are taken into account by our process, such as supply dynamics, rental prices, socioeconomic characteristics, and past price trends. a Sydney buyers agent will provide you with an analysis of each property’s potential, including an assessment of its street appeal and scarcity factors, which may contribute to future market potential. Our buyer’s agents determine your unique preference and financial constraints through in-depth discussions, guaranteeing that we locate the ideal property for you. Henderson ensures that we can locate the most ideal real estate in Kogarah that precisely meets your needs by employing our proven systematic process.

Finding your ideal home is just a phone call away with our expert agents at Henderson. Contact us today for a free discovery call.

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