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Daceyville is a residential suburb characterised by the combination of separated houses, and semi-detached properties, as well as low-rise apartment complexes that offer a peaceful and family-friendly vibe. The suburb is situated 7 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district. In addition to its outstanding features that perfectly embody suburban living, its closeness to amenities adds to its attractiveness as a place to settle down. Daceyvill is known for its history as one of Australia’s earliest planned communities. While it may not have the same level of commercial activity as other surrounding suburbs, its significance to the region, green spaces, and community atmosphere contribute to its overall charm and appeal for property investors and homebuyers alike.

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How does a buyer’s agent in Daceyville work?

Our buyer’s agents are your reliable partners, armed with valuable insights and a sharp eye for hidden opportunities. Having a Henderson buyer’s agent by your side transforms the property searching quest into a hassle-free and time-efficient process. Discover a property that is right for you as we meticulously curate a selection of top-tier properties that include off-market listings. Why navigate Daceyville’s market alone when you can benefit from the knowledge and assistance of Henderson’s buyer’s agents? Reach out today for a complimentary discovery call.

How does a buyer’s agent in Daceyville choose the right property?

At Henderson, we’ve honed a methodical approach to ensure our clients in Daceyvill find properties that align entirely with their budgets and needs. Through a discovery call, we can list aspects of your envisioned investment to be part of our initial search. We narrow the options by carefully analysing each listing until we pinpoint a property that ticks all your boxes. You can trust our Daceyvill buyer’s agents to guide you through every step of the process until the keys to your new home are securely in your hands. Let Henderson Advocacy help make your real estate goals in Daceyville a reality with a free discovery call when you reach out to our team.

Daceyville Profile

Daceyville represents an ideal place for families and business owners alike, and its market trend reflects a bright future that is evident even with its short time in the market. As of February 2024, the median price of houses in Daceyville is $1,890,000, a significant increase from the previous year’s numbers. For rentals, there is not much of a history for Daceyville properties out in the market for rental properties, but those who have succeeded have placed their listings at around $1,050.  

The suburb offers a tranquil atmosphere with detached houses, semi-detached properties, and low-rise apartments.  Its closeness to amenities adds to its appeal to live in. With its market trend showing promise, Daceyville is an ideal location for families and business owners and despite its limited commercial activity compared to surrounding areas, Daceyville’s historical significance, green spaces, and community atmosphere make it attractive to both property investors and homebuyers.

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