About henderson

“It was great to see the way Jack and the team work together. They have their own unique spin and I look forward to seeing what they have in store in the future. So good to see someone going hard and making a success of things.”

Tom Waterhouse

CEO of TomWaterhouse.com


When you know, we know how to ensure that the purchase of your next property is the right one. Because what we offer is more than a service; it’s the opportunity to save you time, money and emotional stress.

Why? Because we are invested in finding you the right investment. And in an industry that is all about negotiation, we know this is non-negotiable. We approach the purchasing process without emotion to ensure you are only paying the property’s worth — not a cent more. We know how to make the difficult seem simple. 

In one word: advantage.

Now you know

The difference between right and left wanting, is what you know. And when it comes to property, we know it all — like, the price difference between the street you’re interested in, compared to the one over. Or your questions about schools, town planning, suburb growth, and capital growth.


We know this because we have devoted our professional and personal lives to understanding the nuances of real estate. Investing our time into knowing what makes a good investment today, and for tomorrow, too. And it’s with this comprehensive lens that we approach the property market. Knowing when to push and, more importantly, when it’s time to pull back.


And even if we don’t hold all the answers, we know where to find them. Which is the difference between knowing it all and being a “know it all . Because it’s not just about what we know, but who we know too. And over the years, we have acquired an unrivalled network of connections with selling agents. Which is why 90% of the houses we advocate for are purchased pre or off-market. And why 100% of them can’t be found on realestate.com.au.

Now you know: Henderson Advocacy.