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G'day. We are Henderson.

We're invested in finding you the right investment.

At Henderson we have dedicated our professional and personal lives to understanding the nuances of real estate. The difference between making the right choice and being left wanting is what you know, and when it comes to property, we know it all. We’re invested in finding you the right investment.

Our experience and network of connections with selling agents keeps our clients in the know and allows them access to exclusive opportunities you won’t find online. Take advantage of Henderson and we will be your advantage in a competitive property market.

Finding your ideal property does not need to be a difficult process, and when you have the knowledge, support, and connections that we do at Henderson, it can even be enjoyable.

We offer more than a buyer’s agent service, it’s an opportunity to save you time, money, and emotional stress.

Why choose Henderson?

We’re proud to be one of the most trusted buyers agencies in Australia, and we assure all of our clients that we live up to our reputation. Every buyer’s agent on our team has been trained and spent years in the field, learning the ropes and studying the market. That’s why they can lead you to the right investment property and make sure you obtain it at the right purchase price.

 Our property buyers agents are easily some of Australia’s best and are more than ready to assist you with your property needs. There are many benefits to choosing a buyer’s agent from Henderson, such as:

The Henderson buyers’ agents understand what they have to do. The entire purpose of hiring property buyers agents is to have a professional representing your best interests when you enter the market. It’s very important to have a good buyer’s agent on your team who actively looks for properties and investment opportunities that fit your interests. Here at Henderson, that’s exactly what our agents do. We understand how the property purchasing process can be really complicated and that it’s easy for property investors to get tied up in bad deals. That’s why our team sticks by your side every step of the buying process, always putting your interests and needs on top.

Another reason we’re a popular option for investors is that our services fit any budget. While many investors are looking for premium commercial property and are willing to spend for it, others are trying to find the right property on a budget. Here at Henderson, we can help you out, regardless of the type of property you want to buy. When you hire one of our buyers’ agent Sydney professionals, we always start our process by determining your needs and your budget. That way, our agents only look at options in the real estate market that are within your budget, saving you a lot of time and making it easier to invest in property.

Local knowledge is very important when buying property in Australia. When you hire a buyers agent Sydney from Henderson, you can rest assured that they will conduct all the research necessary for your next property purchase. Whenever our clients are interested in a property, we look at the property’s history, location, and possible trends that the area will see in the next few years. This gives you a comprehensive view of your potential investment, making it easier to make the right decision.

We start our process by getting to know our clients and what kind of investment property they’re looking for. This allows us to tailor our search and only bring up properties that fit their needs and meet their standards. This helps you save time throughout the buying process, which is very important for property buyers looking to make a major investment. Every buyer’s agent from Henderson knows the importance of a tailored service, so we ensure that we only look for ideal properties for our clients.

If you’re entering the local property market alone, negotiating with the real estate agent is one of the toughest tasks ahead of you. Just about any real estate agent in Australia is well-versed in the market and knows how to sell their property at the highest possible price. This is why you need a good buyer’s agent on your team who will be there to negotiate the right price for your investment. Since our buyer’s agents have a lot of local knowledge of the market and have been negotiating prices with real estate agents for a long time, they can handle this phase of the purchase process for you. That way, you have a stress-free negotiation, which is great for anyone looking to invest in property.

One major reason why a buyer’s agent from Henderson is unique is that we’ll stick by you throughout the entire process. While our buyer’s agents are great at finding properties, scheduling viewings, and researching, they also understand market trends, have great negotiation skills, and understand the industry well. This is why our buyers’ agent Sydney service includes giving our clients top-tier advice throughout their purchase. That way, we always steer them in the best possible direction while still letting them choose their own path when entering the market.

While all of these benefits are great, the biggest benefit of a Henderson buyers agent is that we make purchasing property and making a big investment easy. Our agents always consider all the factors when assisting clients. We look at potential capital growth, what the property’s location will look like in the coming years, and all the other factors that property buyers usually have to consider. That way, all you have to do is choose the best property for your needs!

Learn from the best.

Success Stories

"Jack, Frank & the whole team at Henderson Advocacy made purchasing a property easy. They took care of everything. Everything was executed at the highest level."
Nick Kyrgios
"I was pretty skeptical using a buyers agent…I was so wrong, and so happy that we used Jack Henderson and his team."
Dave Hughes
“They have their own unique spin and I look forward to seeing what they have in store in the future. So good to see someone going hard and making a success of things.”
Tom Waterhouse
“Jack was my core advisor with my purchase at One Barangaroo. I would not trust anyone else with my real estate transactions.”
Babak Moini
“Jack and his team were very professional and easy to work with.”
Richie Harkham

our Process


We take the time to get to know you beyond your details on paper. Henderson is on your team before anyone else’s. We want to get to know you beyond your budget and desired property type. From your first consultation we’re on your team and on the way to finding you your desired property.


We compile a detailed brief of what you want and need in a property. We understand your non-negotiables and your desires for the perfect property and outline a tailored acquisition strategy to find you the right property to match. We understand your brief thoroughly, so no time is wasted in our search.


We use all our resources to find properties that meet your brief. Our brand mascot, Hender-ingo the Property Flamingo. Using our proprietary sourcing system and unrivalled network of selling agents, we locate, inspect and shortlist both on and off-market properties that meet your brief. You will only be presented with the best options in your chosen location.


Streamline your search process with our highly experienced buyers agents by your side. We will find the best opportunities on and off market that suit your needs and desires in an ideal property.


We make sure the properties you’re looking at have the right potential. We assess the location, capital growth, renovation potential, and provide recent sales data on comparable properties in the area. As a Henderson client you will only view properties that meet your specifications.


Enjoy private inspections of all properties that we advocate for – no time limits, no crowds, no worries. We know the time poor are rich thinkers. We arrange private inspections of all properties that we advocate for. Stay away from crowds and browse a property as long as you need, you have the time to make the right decision.


We thoroughly research every property to gather its full potential. We ensure we know it all, so you can too. We research any property easements, assess nearby development applications, and for units, review any Body Corporate Disclosure Statements. You will never be left wondering.


At Henderson we simplify the buying process for you. Avoid the stressful back-and-forth communication, and know the entire process is being handled by your own personal advocate.


We go head-to-head with selling agents to ensure you get the best price. Whether you’re purchasing via private sale or auction, negotiation is non-negotiable. Take the stress out of negotiation and let us advocate on your behalf. Henderson works with the selling agent to ensure you receive the best deal and do not overpay what your property is worth.


Take the stress out of buying. We will liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth road to settlement. We liaise with solicitors, conveyancers, and financial advisors for valuation, to arrange building and pest inspections, and for investors, organise property management. No extra voicemails or emails answer, we will handle it all.


We work with you until the keys are in your hand. We will arrange the final inspection, confirm settlement date and time with solicitors or conveyancer, arrange the key following settlement and for our investors, arrange handover to property managers.


Our Experts.

Jack Henderson, Director

Jack knows that there’s a difference between knowing it all, and being a “know it all”. Paving the way for a new generation of buyers agents, he leads with a confidence that mirrors his speedy trajectory to success, and the wisdom of one able to maintain and harness its power. Never a question of if, only when — Jack will move mountains to see you moving in sooner. With a career built from the ground up, he now navigates the upper echelons of the industry with old-school work ethic. But it’s his new-school way of talking, and walking, that truly sets him apart.

All things real estate

From blogs and podcasts to videos and more, we provide the information, resources, and tools you need to make informed real estate related decisions. Our team of experts are passionate about finding you the right home or investment and have curated a whole range of exciting education based content that covers strategies, buying experiences, property tips and more.




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It's time to take advantage of Henderson Advocacy

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Are you looking for a well-qualified real estate professional who can assist you in buying a home or any other interesting property? Henderson has you covered as the top-in-line real estate professionals who streamline your purchasing process.

We are here to represent you, work with your interest, and navigate through the complex jungle of the real estate market. With us, you can have peace of mind without worrying too much about the complexities.

Henderson Buyers Agency For You

What makes us the best buyer agency for you? Our customer-centric approach. We work by focusing on you. Therefore, we provide representation, property search, negotiation, transaction and knowledge that is helpful to you. Whenever you choose to hire us, we provide:

A Loyal Representation For You

As your trusted buyer’s agency in Australia, we aim to bring you exclusive services. Our agents dedicate their complete time, effort, and attention to their clients. They are here to provide complete guidance and answer all your queries. This exclusive attention and access to resources assist you in making informed decisions. The support lasts throughout the home-buying process, regardless of how long it might take.

Complete Property Research

You don’t have to worry about diving deep into the market. Our buyer’s agents work on browsing through the market to find you the best property. You might even find property listings that aren’t officially or publicly available on the market. We also consult with you first to understand your preferences, property needs, and budget before working with you. It ensures optimum efficiency.

A Negotiation Edge For The Deals

Our buyer’s agent cost covers many other skills that we provide you. For instance, you receive complete negotiation benefits and leverage to help you reap the best price. We are here to work for you and secure the best outcome for you. If you’re not sure about negotiating for the property or need an extra helping hand, our buyer’s agents are available.

Complete Transaction Coordination

From browsing the property to buying a property, there is an endless array of paperwork that requires proper management and organisation. By keeping deadlines under consideration, we assist you in managing all the transactions and ensure you get complete invoices on the logistics involved, including moving services, any form of renovations and more. Therefore, you will always have complete information about the purchase transaction.

Additional Market Knowledge

As a hidden ace up your sleeve, our buyer’s agents are well-connected to the real estate network. You can reap the benefits of understanding the ups and downs in the market, any recent trends, and potential forecasts on property values. You will also receive complete information like the history of the property and other additional skill sets.


Best Buyers Agency Blends With Your Needs

Henderson stands out as the buyer’s agency that caters to your needs. We blend flexibly with your lifestyle to assist you at your convenience. Whenever and wherever you need a buyer’s agent, we will provide our assistance. We are available for:

  • First-time property buyers who lack any experience or knowledge. We assist you in making the best decisions with proper guidance. You will have complete information.
  • Anyone looking to purchase a home or property for their residential or commercial requirement.
  • Busy professionals with limited time to dedicate to property searches.
  • Property investors that are seeking opportunities in the real estate landscape.

We are not limited to these individuals. Even if you’re someone who might be interested in buying property 6 months or 6 years from now, we can assist you. That’s what makes Henderson among the best buying agencies in Australia. We are here to work flexibly according to your needs and be blend accordingly. Regardless of the time you can space, and profession you practice, we will be here for you.


Your Benefits With Henderson Buyer’s Agents

The primary concern for many individuals is the buyer’s agent cost and their duties. It is easy to question the allegiance of a buyer’s agent, especially if they want to sell the property. That’s not what we do here.

Our objective is simply to provide the best services to our client and focus on their needs. This helps in creating rapport, and we are here to build a reputation for serving the clients. Therefore, we work in your best interest. Our buyer’s agent cost is transparent and clear from the beginning. You receive an array of benefits with us:

You Receive Unbiased Guidance

Henderson’s expertise is a benchmark for the quality of services we will provide to our clients. Therefore, our advice and guidance are unbiased but designed to be in the best favour of the clients. If we suspect that something is off or against your favour, we will let you know. However, we firmly believe that the client’s decision should be the final one. For your peace of mind, you will always have an informative aide by your side.

We Are Here To Negotiate On Your Behalf

There’s no doubt that a buyer’s agent would know the trade the best. They work 24/7 in the property dealing line and conduct several negotiations. Therefore, you can expect only the best negotiating skills from Henderson’s buying agents. We are here to find the best terms and purchase price for you. After all, it will greatly impact our reputation, as well.

Get Exclusive Access To Listings

As mentioned earlier, Henderson’s buyer’s agents have access to a comprehensive real estate network. They have contacts that can help them find out a wide range of properties for you. These can be off-market properties that will soon be available in the market or private listings. Either way, you can find this access with us, and it can help you reap great deals.

Save A Large Chunk Of Your Time

Even if you don’t need exclusive access, negotiation skills, or guidance, you will still save a large chunk of your time. If you lead a busy life or prefer peace of mind, then hiring a buyers agent can save you a lot of the daunting work and perplexing decisions. You can focus that time somewhere else while we work for you.


Highly Qualified Buyer’s Agency Australia

Henderson Buyer’s Agency takes great pride in offering top-grade professionals to you. Our buyer’s agents undergo proper education and training. For example, you can expect them to have a Certificate IV or Diploma in Property Services.

They also accumulate proper experience by working in a real estate agency to establish their network and contacts. Each member undergoes a background and police check and qualifies for a licensing exam to become a proper professional in the field.

We also take deliberate measures to provide proper professional development, like proof of experience and renewing licenses, to stay ahead of the curve for you. If there’s anything else needed, for example, someone with an Accredited Buyer’s representative, we will get you in contact.


We Are Here To Streaming The Hiring Process

Finding a buyer’s agent and hiring them can be a perplexing task with so many options available. What makes us a credible choice? Apart from proper training, experience, and reputation, we streamline the hiring process.

  • You can contact us and let us know whenever you require our services.
  • We will consult with you and understand your requirements.
  • If you need us to work actively and in a short time frame, we will work accordingly.
  • Similarly, if you need us to keep you posted on any new property findings with plenty of time, we will comply.

Our objective is to make the entire property-buying process effortless for you. Moreover, you can also:

  • Discuss the compensation and commission process with our agents.
  • Decide on the payroll and payment scheme with them.
  • You can also decide the payment method or gateway that you would like to use.

Once these considerations are complete, you can begin with the property search process. We follow a methodological approach to help you buy the best properties. As we are transparent and honest, there aren’t any hidden costs that you will have to worry about.


Contact Henderson Buyer’s Agent Today

We are available in a wide range of locations as your trusted buyer’s agency. If you’re unsure about our availability, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Henderson Buyer’s Agency works on co-existing with other agencies to provide you the best services. So, if you’re looking for the best buyers agency Australia, we can be of assistance.

Contact us today, or schedule free consultation with us that could help bring answer to you. Once again, we are available for first-time buyers to experienced investors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Is A Buyer’s Agent?
A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who assists you in finding the properties you might be interested in buying. They help you bring the best information and deals on properties that fit your needs.

2. Why Do You Need A Buyer’s Agent?
A buyer’s agent provides an extra set of skills and access to the real estate market. They conduct research, negotiate, and complete evaluations of the property to bring you the best deals. It saves time and cost in the long run.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer’s Agent?
Hiring a buyer’s agent can save you a lot of time from finding the properties by yourself. You can also find the complete history of the property and receive any other extra information. More importantly, you save time that you can spend somewhere else. The cost is also easy to accommodate.

4. How Much Does A Buyer’s Agent Cost?
You can consult with a buyer’s agent to come up with a fair cost. You can choose to compensate them through a commission split received during transaction closing. There is also an hourly option, and other exclusive packages. It is better to contact the buyer’s agency for better information, as each one works differently.

5. Can You Trust A Buyer’s Agent?
Buyer’s agents are qualified and licensed professionals who work in the best interest of the buyers. You can trust them even if they share a commission in the selling price of the property because they are licensed. You have to make sure to hire a qualified and licensed buyer’s agent with a proven track record to trust them.

6. Who Should Hire A Buyer’s Agent?
Anyone who’s too busy with their job or life to take time for a property search should hire a buyer’s agent. Many property investors also rely on buyer’s agents for their prompt updates and deals. If you’re new to the property market and don’t know how things work, it is ideal to hire a buyer’s agent.

7. How Do You Find The Best Buyer’s Agency In Australia?
Check for reviews from their previous clients or their reputation. You can also ask for their qualifications and the properties they have helped the clients purchase. Henderson maintains a top-notch reputation in these regards to be your trusted buyer’s agency.

8. Do You Need Qualifications To Become A Buyer’s Agent?
In Australia, you need proper education, work experience, background checks, and a license to become a buyer’s agent. There are additional qualifications available, and they have to become a member of the recognised buyer’s agent association to provide their services.

9. How Can I Gain Access To Private Or Off-List Properties?
Your best option is to hire a buyer’s agent with experience in the field. A rookie or new buyer’s agent might not have the best contacts. Henderson’s agents have a network and contacts with many other agents who can assist you in accessing off-list or private properties for purchase.

10. How To Hire A Henderson Buyer’s Agent?
All you need to do is get in touch with us by using our contact information. Calling is the best option, and we also respond to emails. We will consult with you, organise a meeting, and then work through your requirements to help you come up with the best plan moving forward.

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