Preplan if you’re self-employed so you can still invest

We all know that property is a game of finance, but if you’re self-employed, getting a loan from a bank isn’t always that easy. If you’ve got a payslip, most banks are pretty happy to talk to you, but if you’re someone who is running a business, or worse, just getting started with a new […]

Listings start to pile up in Melbourne

Melbourne is starting to see a surge in new listings, with vendors actively launching campaigns over the past four weeks. According to CoreLogic, new listings across Melbourne are now 34.8 per cent higher than at the same time last year, while regional Victoria has seen a 39.4 per cent jump. Victoria has led the country […]

Affordability Driving Brisbane Prices Higher

Brisbane property values are increasing at nearly the fastest pace in the country, with many of the significant gains coming from the lower end of the market. In April, Brisbane saw property prices increase by 0.9 per cent, according to CoreLogic, slightly down from the 1.1 per cent rise in March. This has taken the […]

Specialisation over diversification

Tell any finance expert that you’re looking to go all-in on one stock, and you’re not likely to get a positive response. Everyone tells you that you must diversify, diversify, diversify. While that is sound advice if you’re looking at building a share portfolio, that might not be the best advice when purchasing real estate. […]

Melbourne luxury units outpace houses

Despite luxury property outperforming in most capital city markets, Melbourne’s high-end housing market only managed to keep pace with median-price houses over the past decade. According to Ray White, Melbourne’s luxury house prices sat at $2.5 million in 2023, 70.7 per cent higher than a decade earlier in 2014, while the median house price was […]

Why your home costs you a lot more than you think

It’s been said many times over the years that your home is not a very good investment. Despite the fact that property prices grow at circa 7% per year, buying a home to live in might not actually be the best use of your money. The reason for that all comes down to what you’re […]

Sydney luxury property outperforms

The Sydney luxury home market continues to be one of the best-performing in the entire country.  According to Ray White, on a national level, luxury property has been outpacing median-priced homes.  Over the last decade, nationally luxury house prices outpaced median prices at 84 per cent compared to 70 per cent, and luxury unit prices […]

How to achieve a high ROI with property

The thing that makes property so powerful is the incredible leverage that you’re able to achieve. When you compare residential property to things like shares, or bonds or any other investment class, most of them would not allow you to get anywhere near the level of leverage that a typical homebuyer can get. In many […]

Immigration Drives up Melbourne’s Rental Markets

Australia’s immigration numbers are surging to never-before-seen levels, and now new data has found that rents across Melbourne are rising rapidly as a result of the influx of people. CoreLogic found that inner-city Melbourne, in particular, was the hardest hit by record immigration, with rents rising as much as 29% in 12 months thanks to […]

Why Established Trumps New

One of the first choices new investors are faced with is whether or not to buy a new property or one that is established. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the value of new properties soaring in a lot of areas, and that has made people think that this is a good investment strategy. […]

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