How to Choose a Buyers Agent?

Something we get asked quite regularly is why would I choose you over another buyers agency in Melbourne


I think a lot of people would answer that question by banging their chest and telling people how great they are, the deals they’ve done, or how much they’ve saved people. However, for me to answer that question and the way we answer it at Trelease Associates, is we’re no better than anyone else. We are who we are. And we fit a certain type of client.


Now, for me, if I was a prospective client looking at multiple buyers agents, which is what we advise all of our prospective clients to do, is go and meet with other buyers agents, so they can get a really good understanding of what they offer and who they are. 


It’s really about who you feel is going to get you the best result at the end of the day. We’re not talking about small amounts of money here. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. And you really need to feel comfortable putting that trust in someone else to go out there, do the best for you, get you the best result, negotiate hard and come out on top.


Now, for me sitting here saying, “I’m better than him because I’ve bought this property and done this deal”, does you no justice and it does me no justice. 


I think for me to answer the question of how to choose a buyers agent is to go and sit down with some different people and look to work with the person that you feel most comfortable with.


At Henderson Advocacy, we are working with the types of clients who value confidentiality and transparency as it fits with the what we’re trying to achieve. You won’t see your property on social media minutes after an offer has been accepted. And the clients we work with appreciate that and we want to work with them.


Buying a property is a very personal and sometimes daunting experiencing so it’s vital that you have someone by your side that you can trust. The personal relationship between a buyers agent and client is just so important, that it should be the first thing you take into consideration when you’re trying to find a buyers agent.


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