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“Not every business is the same and there is a special formula that each business needs to be a success. It was a pleasure to deal with Jack.”

Alison Egan

Founder Sparkling White Smile

executive team

Mark Kentwell



Mark knows accolades aren’t everything; but being named Principal of the Year in the 2020 Australian Real Estate Business awards sure would be to most.

Pulling engineering, trades, events and band management, Mark (or Kenny K as some call him in music circles) is able to create a system that has the consumer at the centre and optimisation top of mind. Not just a thought leader, but a coach to those around him, he uses calculated strategy and a wealth of experience to help others play better, and win. Here to develop a dynasty, Mark’s mission for Henderson can be summed up in one word: growth. Game on.

Mark knows: quality over quantity pays, which is why his favourite drink is an Old Pulteney 21 Year Whisky. And that’s exactly what Henderson Advocacy delivers: a top-shelf kind of service. Because your standards are high, and we only serve premium. 



With an acute knowledge and extensive experience across the Buyer’s Agent landscape in Australia, Ben Handler brings a unique edge to the industry – one that he now shares with you.

Ben help defined the Buyers Agent landscape back in 2009, that has helped shape where the industry is today.

He co-founded and built Australia’s largest property Buyers Agency with his former company, that he exited in 2018.

Ben is a key advisor to the Henderson group in areas of strategy, leadership, client delivery training and building a world class client centric business.

Alongside a combination of different business ventures, he is the Director of a highly successful training organisation that teaches Buyers Agents Australia wide, called the Buyers Agent Institute.




Shirley knows that a strong foundation is the key to business success, and it’s the systems she’s implementing at Henderson that are building efficiencies for future growth — and your future search.

An established business owner of 14 years, Shirley has seen and done it all before. Using her past experience to elevate Henderson’s present success. It’s this commitment to a culture of growth that keeps her eyes on the books and her hands fastened to her laptop — condensing complex concepts into a system that supercharges your search.

Shirley knows: that to improve a business you’ve got to keep moving forward. But in her case, she is also moving up, down, left and right while travelling and working around Australia. It’s this spice of variety that keeps Shirley ever inspired, and Henderson’s efficiency ever improving — turning months into weeks and conversations into deals.