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Just five kilometres from Newcastle’s CBD, Tighes Hill brings together the best of position, property and profitability. A suburb only gaining in popularity and demand, we’re invested in this area’s rise (and you should be too).

We know Tighes Hill is on an incline in more than name alone, delivering a compound growth rate of 18.2% in just the last 12 months of sales. Property in the area is accessible considering the suburbs prime location(and pricepoint), with the median house price currently sitting at $868,000 and an auction clearance rate of 89%. With a 63% increase on the states average visits-per-open-home rate, it’s clear properties in Tighes Hill are in high demand.

A walking suburb, Tighes Hill is renowned for its outdoor accessibility. Bike paths, walking trails, lush green parks —this is an area teeming with life. Surrounded by stunning waterways and some of the city’s most social suburbs, this well-connected area opens the door to the best of Newcastle (with the rest on your doorstep). Home to the NSW TAFE campus as well as 1,680 or so lucky residents, this suburb is a match for those in the know in more ways than one. Contact Henderson, a premium buyers agency in Newcastle, if you’re interested in buying a property in this area.

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