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We were contemplating using a Buyers Agent following a move to the Newcastle area in December 20 and although originally skeptical, following a call and subsequent meeting with Jack and Matt early in 2021 – and after doing a background check via a couple of agent contacts who had done business with Jack before – we decided to put our faith in the Henderson Team.

The journey for both of us has been an interesting one, with – luckily in hindsight – some near misses on properties along the way (not because of them)!

With a fairly specific list of requirements from us, the usual limited amount of stock coming up in the Merewether area (the area we were hoping to buy), and a housing market that shifted considerably in pricing terms in the period we were looking, all of this meant that patience and a degree of faith was needed as the result wasn’t necessarily going to be as quick as anyone expected!

The most important point to make here is the simple fact that using Jack and Matt has resulted in us gaining off market, direct to vendor access to a property that we exchanged on this month and couldn’t be happier with – had we been going it alone, then the best we could have achieved would have been to see this with others via the selling agents just prior to, or as this went to market.

The second point to make is that even though the journey has been longer, the boys have continued to work hard to ensure the momentum never waned – something I was very conscious of.

Finally, and to be honest in many ways something that I always hope for but don’t know if it will happen, we have enjoyed the interaction. Jack and Matt couldn’t be more different in personality – both of which we enjoy – but where they align is their customer focus, customer care, and ability to see the funny side of things.

As well as knowing we will without doubt use them again in the future, I have also already recommended a friend of mine to Henderson Advocacy as I genuinely believe it will give them a leg up in this competitive market. I also think that it is only a matter of time, if it hasn’t happened already, where utilisation of a buyers agent becomes part of the buying process rather than being seen as a luxury.


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